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Hello, Baby! LLC Testimonials

The following are testimonials from clients of Hello, Baby! LLC.

"Birth Plan We Wanted"

"Lindsay’s number one priority was to support whatever birthing plan we wanted, without judgment or prejudice (i.e. my choice to have an epidural). Lindsay was very thorough, well organized, and had great ideas to help make our birthing experience stress free and memorable. The birth of our daughter was a very moving, happy, stress free experience; we will cherish the memory forever."

"Natural Childbirth"

"From discussing our birth plan, to labor and delivery, to the postpartum visit, Lindsay was an integral part of our entire birth process. I desired a natural childbirth, and knew that additional support of a doula would be important to helping me and my husband fulfill my birth plan. Labor was long and hard (just short of 24 hours), but Lindsay offered comfort, support, and coping mechanisms the entire time. When I hit transition and felt like I couldn’t do it anymore, Lindsay helped get me through, keeping me focused on the task at hand and the reward to come. Lindsay integrated seamlessly with the midwives and nursing staff at St. Mary’s, and I couldn’t imagine the birth of my son, or any future children, without her."

"Passion and Compassion"

"Lindsay puts so much passion and compassion into her doula career. She called me to check-in during my pregnancy and made sure that everything was going smoothly. Lindsay demonstrates her knowledge and training while fulfilling your needs in labor as well. She was there to support me 100% through my labor physically and emotionally. During my natural labor, Lindsay encouraged me to practice my inner needs including breathing and moving in synchrony with my contractions. She also brought some very useful items along with her including a birth ball and a warm rice sack. Lindsay's support was a large part of the reason I was able to continue to labor without pain medication. The most important part about Lindsay's doula care was the fact that our family felt comfortable with her ongoing peri-natal support."

"Doula For the Birth of Our First Child"

"Lindsay was our doula for the birth of our first child. Her expertise and advice was extremely helpful before, during, and after the birth of our son. My husband felt more confident after speaking to Lindsay a few hours before our son was born. She has a gentle, yet take charge attitude which was greatly appreciated when I was focused on labor and not in the mood to make decisions. Lindsay came prepared with cloths, ice, etc. We can't thank her enough for the pictures she took after the birth... such amazing memories that were captured."

"An Ever-Present, Yet Unobtrusive Support Person"

"Lindsay was an incredible doula, birth coach and resource throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of my daughter. She was always accessible during the pre-natal period, answered all of my questions, and provided information and resources that were of particular interest to me. When I was in early labor at the hospital prior to Lindsay’s arrival, I told to my husband that I thought I had to have an epidural (and this was during the least intense part of labor!). I remember Lindsay arrived and was very nonjudgmental about this consideration, BUT offered words of wisdom that stayed with me throughout my labor. She told me that transition is the most difficult part of labor, but also the shortest, and that she didn't want me to regret asking for an epidural only to realize after the fact that I could have made it through without one. I reminded myself of this throughout, and she was right! During labor Lindsay was an ever-present, yet unobtrusive support person. She did not take the place of my husband, who did an amazing job as a coach, but offered support, knowledge, and her indispensable expertise as a doula. During the least intense part of labor, she helped me understand what was going on with my body and my baby's descent down the birth canal. She also offered different positions I could try to tolerate my baby’s descent. During the most intense part of labor, she was my masseuse, cheerleader, and calm presence who said the exact right thing at the moment I needed it. The birth of my daughter was the best experience of my life and would have been with or without Lindsay; however, I'm quite certain I would not have been able to have a pain medication-free experience if it weren't for Lindsay's support, experience, and knowledge. With Lindsay's support, I accomplished an incredible epidural-free birth and am proud to say I was able to stick to my birth plan."

"Transformative Homebirth"

I hadn't known Lindsay for very long before finding out I was pregnant and looking into finding a doula (if memory serves me correctly, we had only a couple of casual encounters and babywearing and LLL meetings), but I didn't need much time with her to suspect that she would be a great fit for me as a doula, which she was.

I was expecting baby #4, with the goal of a natural childbirth. I had a natural childbirth in the hospital with my second child, but 4 1/2 years later got an epidural with my third. Initially I thought I was probably going to birth at a hospital and wanted a doula to help me achieve my goal of a natural childbirth in a setting where it isn't always so easy. Ultimately I decided to have a homebirth and Lindsay was extremely supportive of me throughout the months that I went back and forth on my birthing options and finally came to a decision.

Many women who choose homebirth do not feel a need for a doula, but having Lindsay there was extremely beneficial for me, and I would have her all over again. I felt like Lindsay was my thinking brain while I didn't have one, becasue I was busy laboring. She made wonderful suggestions to help me- offered a blanket to put down on the hard floor, held my peppermint oil near my nose (I felt zero nausea during this labor!) during contractions, asked if I wanted music on (playing the same tracks I had listened to nightly for months while going to bed helped me tons to focus and relax). I just wouldn't have had a chance to think of any of these things on my own while in labor, so I am so thankful to have had her there for that Linsday is an amazing doula who really knows what she is doing. She really listened to me everytime we got together and implemented all of my wishes during my birth. My last birth transformed me so much for the better and she without a doubt deserves some of the credit for my absolutely amazing experience.