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Hello, Baby! Birth Doula Services


Doula support costs $500 and includes all of the services listed below. Typically I collect half the fee when we sign a contract and you retain my services, and the remainder of the fee is due when I go on call two weeks before your due date. However, if that payment schedule makes doula services cost prohibitive, I am happy to work out an alternative payment schedule, such as paying in smaller installments.

Services Provided

Prenatal Meetings

Labor and Delivery

Postpartum Meeting


If I miss the birth due to my own error, I will provide you with a full refund.

If I miss the birth due to a precipitous labor (less than three hours), I will refund you half of your fee. (The other half of the fee will cover the prenatal meetings, on-call time, and postpartum support.)

Contact Me

Please contact me to set up a free initial meeting. Even if you’re just learning about doulas or looking for some information, I would love to meet with you.

Phone: (920) 391-8638
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